Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Podcast - "Problems in Continuing Education"

My podcast is about my latest read - Problems in Continuing Education
The following will be addressed:
·         Highlights of Content of the Book 
·         My thoughts

·         Author
·         Publication Date
·         Currently in Print
·         Currently available online

I want the listener to learn some of the problems that we face when conducting research in continuing education, understanding human nature, problems with planning and teaching, critics of the three approaches, and what is the purpose of continued education.



  1. Excellent podcast, Jenny! I'm jealous of your microphone... Very clear and well-spoken. I'm particularly impressed that you were able to get through the material in (seemingly) one take!

    As for the content: interesting. I've yet to study Continuing Education topics, specifically, in my course of study. You give a quick overview of the approaches, themes, and (particularly, as per the book's title) the problems inherent in the education of adults, but I look forward to reading up on the details.

    I'm particularly partial to the humanistic view of the human animal - that we surpass animal nature in some fundamental ways. I love our animal nature, but I'm particularly in awe of our ability to separate ourselves from nature, and how we've come to live in an artificial society, separate from the other animals of the world. And I mean "awe" in the sense of being both in admiration and in fear of this fact - we are so very different than our animal peers, and we're so very detached from our earth home.

    I don't want to sound new age-y with that comment. I'm just recognizing our oddness, is all.

    But an excellent overview, indeed! Wishing you well!

    All care, Layla.

    I'm particularly sympathetic to the

  2. Great job. The sound quality was excellent and the subject was very interesting. You explained it very well given the short amount of time and the content was just enough so that it will inspire people to look into it further. Well done.